Littlebat10: I'm the Cracktastic King!

Peppa: No, Mac+Cool is!

Littlebat10: So, if Diamondcup is Cracktastic Prince, who's Cracktastic Mayor?

Peppa: You are!

Littlebat10: Oh yea! Chocolate Bonbon! (teleports to the planet of chocolate bonbons)

Peppa: At least I don't have him on my back.

Littlebat10: Hello!

Peppa: Where did YOU come from?!

Littlebat10: (to the tune of It's Raining tacos) It's raining Bonbons...

Peppa: Oh no! Not THAT song! (appears on the planet of chocolate Bonbons)

BonBon Alien: Get the pig!

Peppa: (teleports back home)

Littlebat10: Ay ya caz zump! (rockets into sky)

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