Peppa: I ate a nyan cake and I fell strange.

George: Are you ok?

Peppa: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (turns into a nyan peppa)

George: Oh my gosh!

Peppa: House obstacle ahead!

Mummy Pig: NO, PEPPA, DON'T!

Peppa: (crashes into wall)

George: Oh my gosh!

Daddy Pig: Are you alright? You crashed into the wall.

Peppa: Nya nya! (flys off)

Suzy: (looks up) What the heck?!

Peppa: Sheep power up! (trys to eat Suzy)

Suzy: Help help!

Peppa: (turns normal) What happened?


Peppa: Ok, I won't eat anothe- It's HeroPeppa!

Nyan Peppa: No I'm the real Nyan Peppa, with a herobrine power up. (eyes wear off) It weared off. Oh well.

Peppa: Nyan Peppa is REAL!

Nyan Peppa: Your a power up! (eats Peppa)

Peppa: (wakes up) It was just a dream.

George: Would you like a Nyan Cake?

Peppa: AHHHHHHHHHHH! (runs off)

The End

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